What Year is My Golf Cart?

To find the correct accessories that fit your golf cart you need to identify the vehicle’s make, model and year. Each of the major brands below manufacture models that might differ depending on the year it was built. If you are unsure about your golf cart model and year, you should contact the manufacturer who can provide more detailed information about your vehicle.

Club Car

Precedent Golf Carts - 2004 to Current         DS Golf Carts - 2000.5 to 2013         DS Golf Carts - 1982 to 2000.5


Key features to distinguish which Club Car DS golf cart model you have:

  • The 1982-2000.5 models have two separate seat backs on the front seat while the newer DS models have one solid seat back.
  • The 1982-2000.5 models do not have handles built into the standard tops while the newer DS models do have handles.
  • The 1982-2000.5 models have aluminum top supports with a different shape then the newer DS models that have black top supports.


RXV Golf Carts - 2008 to Current       TXT Golf Carts – 1996 to 2013.5     Medalist Golf Carts – 1993 to 1999


The EZGO TXT golf cart was redesigned in the model year break in 2013 and EZGO RXV golf cart was restyled in the 2015 model year break. Many parts and accessories fit both model groups for each vehicle but if you have any questions please reach out to our customer service team!


Drive Golf Carts - 2007 to Current      G22 Golf Carts – 2003 to 2007      G19 Golf Carts – 1996 to 2002


G14/G16 Golf Carts – 1995 to 2002

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