Clean and Secure

Keeping your car clean – and secure – with these tips

Sure, E-Z-GO cars are dependable and worry-free. But keeping them clean and secure – that’s up to you.

Whether you own a golf-course fleet or a vehicle for the neighborhood, maintaining that factory appearance needs some TLC.

“Proper cleaning will keep your car looking great and a clean vehicle better represents you or the organization,” says Asheley Helton, Customer Care Manager.

He suggests a few everyday ways to keep your car sparkling:

  • When washing, use only clean water and non-detergent soap that’s safe for automotive use. “Material we use for our bodies is the same as auto bumper covers, so the cleaning solution has to be friendly to basecoat and clear-coat finishes,” Helton says. For daily cleaning, try E-Z-GO’s All Surface Cleaner.
  • Washing with garden hoses is safe but be careful when using a pressure washer. Limit the spray to 700 psi and extend the fan out as wide as it can go to avoid damage to the finish. Either way, don’t get electronic components wet.
  • Use a soft cloth or sponge – not a golf towel – for washing and a microfiber cloth to dry. Never wash in direct sunlight either – that can leave water spots, marks and streaks.
  • When cleaning windshields, use clean soap and water. Don’t use alcohol-based cleaners, as they can damage the acrylic in windshields. Try E-Z-GO’s Windshield and Plastic Protector for a streak-free finish.
  • Just like a fine automobile, your golf car could use regular waxing – but don’t use compounds with harsh abrasives.
  • Avoid using plastic protector on floor mats, seats and the steering wheel as it makes things slippery.
  • Be careful using aluminum wheel cleaners on polished aluminum wheels. Acidic cleaners can damage the polished finish.
  • When cleaning vinyl seats, use cleaners safe for automotive vinyl seats available from your local auto parts store.  If there’s significant dirt or damage consider replacing the seat covers.

“Preserving the look of your car increases the resale value and preserves your investment,” Helton says. “For golf courses, it’s the number-one touch point with customers, so cars have to look clean.”

As always, refer to your owner’s manual for suggestions and guidance.

Deterring thieves

Helton also has some tips to keep your car parked where you found it.

“First and foremost always remove the key from the switch when leaving your car,” he says. “It’s amazing how many owners leave keys for everyone to see. You wouldn’t do that with your automobile.”

Park your vehicle in a garage or locked space, and park it in well-lit areas to deter theft. “Golf cars are frequently stolen from home so having a secure space to park is essential,” he says.

Standard models are keyed the same way, so consider purchasing a key switch unique to your vehicle so others can’t use their keys. This can be installed when you order the car or by your local dealer.

If you’re dashing in and out of your car often in public, consider a tire and wheel lock that acts like a boot that’s put on automobiles with too many parking tickets.

Just in case, every E-Z-GO vehicle comes with serial numbers in multiple locations to aid police in recovery.

“Just as you routinely maintain your vehicle, keeping it clean and secure is an important part of ownership,” Helton adds.


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