When Should You Replace Your Golf Cart Battery?

When Should You Replace Your Golf Cart Battery?

Golf cart batteries are more powerful than ever. They allow you to roam freely regardless of terrain, listen to your music, and enjoy better lighting irrespective of the time of day.

However, modern conveniences take a toll on even the heartiest battery. All batteries must be replaced eventually. Astute golf cart owners will be able to notice the signs of a failing battery. Sometimes, though, the symptoms aren’t so simple.

Review the following situations carefully. If you notice your golf cart has any of these issues, it’s time to get a new battery.

Small Hills Become a Challenge

Golf carts are not designed for climbing mountains, but they should be able to handle smaller hills and slopes. If you notice your E-Z-GO® golf cart struggling to make it up an incline, it could be a sign the cart is not getting enough power.

Pay attention to changes in the way the cart handles to pick up on this issue. You might find that you have to push the accelerator pedal all the way down to the floor for it to go on non-flat surfaces. As you crest the hill, the golf cart might start coasting due to a loss of power. If you notice any of these signs, as well as other apparent indicators that your cart is not getting enough power, replace your E-Z-GO® golf cart battery immediately. Doing so will prevent you from getting stuck in precarious situations or getting stranded too far from help.

The Cart Takes Far Too Long to Charge

A standard golf cart battery in optimum condition can take a full night to completely charge. Any longer than this means your cart will soon need a new battery.

Rechargeable batteries have become pillars of modern convenience. Certainly, they’ve changed the way we keep ourselves entertained, the way we work, and the way we transport ourselves. However, the reality is that rechargeable batteries are constantly being drained and charged. The chemicals in the battery only last so long through these cycles. Therefore, all rechargeable batteries will eventually need to be changed out.

Diminished Range

You should be able to travel several miles in your golf cart before you need to charge it again. In other words, a full battery charge easily tackles a trip around the golf course or through the neighborhood. There’s nothing worse than your game or joyride being interrupted by a dead battery, which happens as the battery’s charging capacity declines. If you’re nine holes in and your battery starts getting weak, then you’ll want to check it.

Delayed Acceleration and Loss of Top Speed

Today’s golf carts are designed with advanced technology, which allows them to be comfortable and responsive to your “command.” When you command speed by pressing your foot on the accelerator, you should feel it respond almost instantly. The longer it takes to respond, the more likely it is that it’s time to look at a new E-Z-GO® golf cart battery. Additionally, if you notice your top speed has reduced since you purchased your golf cart, this could also be a sign of an old and/or failing battery. Have your golf cart checked by your trusted mechanic to determine whether it is the battery or another acceleration component. Then, replace them accordingly.

Braking is Not Responsive

Losing acceleration and top speed is frustrating. For the most part, it means you will get to your final destination later than you expected. However, losing braking can be much more dangerous than that, and it is a possibility if your battery isn’t functioning well.

Golf cart brakes should be a priority for all golf cart owners. Once they stop responding, they instantly put you and others at risk. At the first sign of brake issues, take the golf cart in to get looked at. If the braking problem is determined to be caused by your battery, visit Textron Specialized Vehicles to purchase a new E-Z-GO® golf cart battery.

Accessories Acting Up

Keep an eye on your E-Z-GO® golf cart accessories. If your battery is failing, your accessories will start failing or cutting out with more frequency. This includes your sound system, interior lighting, air conditioning, and more. You may have had all of these running at the same time with zero issues in the past. But each use drains the battery a little more, and it can add up over time.

Physical Battery Issues

Many of the signs above are gradual, meaning it might be hard to notice them immediately. However, the most serious indicators of a battery that is failing are physical and visible flaws. These include:

  • Bulging, Expansion, and Cracks: If your battery’s housing is distorted, cracked, or bulging in any way, that means the internal components of your battery are having significant issues. Your battery’s cells likely won’t charge up all the way or even hold a charge. Worse, a bulging battery could cause physical harm. Always replace the battery at the first sign of bulging, expansion, or cracks.
  • Leaks or Corrosion: Battery corrosion is an irritating but frequent issue that all batteries face. Unfortunately, even a small bump along your journey can cause shortages of power due to corrosion. Cleaning your battery can often take care of the corrosion problem. Unfortunately, even with a good cleaning, the corrosion will typically worsen over time. When corrosion becomes frequent and hard to keep under control, you likely need a new battery. The same goes for leaks. Batteries that leak acid are an environmental and safety hazard and need to be disposed of properly and replaced immediately.

As an E-Z-GO® golf cart owner, you have the benefit of advanced engineering. All E-Z-GO® golf cart parts and accessories are top-of-the-line and designed for optimizing your experience.

Once you’ve customized your vehicle with all your favorite E-Z-GO® golf cart accessories, don’t neglect the battery. It’s the powerhouse that allows you to accelerate, brake, and enjoy your favorite entertainment. Consider the warning signs above and order a replacement if you notice any of them.

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