Street-Legal: What You Need to Do to Drive Your E-Z-GO® Golf Cart on Roadways

Street-Legal: What You Need to Do to Drive Your E-Z-GO® Golf Cart on Roadways

Drive Your Golf Cart on the Street!

When you buy your E-Z-GO® golf cart, it comes ready to take you around your subdivision, down your favorite wooded trail, around the farm, or through the country club. But, with a little effort and special accessories, you can enjoy the same convenience, accessibility, flexibility, and cost savings to drive on local roads instead of using an automobile.

To get your E-Z-GO® golf cart street-legal, there are a number of steps you must take. Here are some factors to consider before you modify your vehicle and drive it down the road.

Golf Carts: Drive Faster

In their factory condition, E-Z-GO® golf carts are classified as Personal Transportation Vehicles (PTV). Both gas and electric golf cart models max out at about 20 miles per hour.

In most cases, to be “street legal,” you must travel faster than 20 miles per hour, but slower than 35 miles per hour. Those capable of operating at these speeds are called Low Speed Vehicles (LSV) per most government classifications.

These speeds match the majority of municipal local-road speed limits. However, don’t assume that driving at a specific speed makes you eligible to share the road in your golf cart. There’s much more to it than that.

Before You Modify Your E-Z-GO® Golf Cart

Before modifying your golf cart to make it street-legal, make sure your cart is operating its best. First, check electric batteries and gas engines, and perform any necessary maintenance. This can help ensure you get the best performance from your golf cart.

Check the tire pressure, too. Underinflated tires can sap speed. Your owner’s manual has more details.

Your goal is to make sure your golf cart is running optimally, at its top speeds, and is prepared for the wear-and-tear local street driving could cause.

Street-Legal Golf Cart Parts from E-Z-GO®

Then, it’s time to visit Shop E-Z-GO® for everything you need to get street-legal. You will need to check your local laws for requirements to make your golf cart street-legal, but you can begin preparing by using the below checklist.

  • Purchase and attach safety reflectors and flags to identify your slow-moving vehicle. These items signal to other drivers that you are driving a slower-moving vehicle and they may need to slow down before passing you.
  • Select the appropriate golf cart light kit and have it installed at your authorized E-Z-GO® dealer. Double check that you are buying the right lights; electric and gas golf carts require different equipment. A golf cart light kit generally includes headlights and taillights. You also will need turn signals to complete the package.
  • Get a golf cart windshield and windshield wipers. A windshield will protect you from wind, bugs, and anything other drivers’ tires might fling at you as they drive by. You can choose from fold-down windshields, which are hinged in the middle, or a solid, flat shield, sometimes called a full shield. Windshield wipers are key for removal of water accumulation from your golf cart windshield.
  • License-plate lights make your plate, if required, visible to law enforcement and complete the look of an official, street-legal golf cart.
  • Enclosures keep rain, dust, and debris out of your golf cart as you drive on your local roads. Enclosures come in different styles, so be sure the one you choose will fit your E-Z-GO® model. Another great feature of golf cart enclosures is the variety of colors they come in. Have you ever dreamed of driving a red sports car? Create the look with a fun enclosure in that hue!
  • You may be required to install seat belts in your golf cart. Ask your authorized dealer about local laws. They can provide guidance on additional items you may also need to invest in to make your E-Z-GO® cart street-ready.

Street-Legal Golf Carts: Safety First

Going from a quiet neighborhood to a busy local road requires thinking about your safety first. Check out these driving tips before you hop in your E-Z-GO® golf cart and go for a spin to your local coffee shop or sporting goods store:

  • Treat every vehicle around you as if they don’t see you. Wait until you’re sure it’s safe for you to proceed. It is your responsibility to exercise caution any time you’re driving.
  • Test your golf cart safety accessories before departing. Make sure your lights turn on and your signals flash when you turn them on.
  • Keep your battery charged or fill your gas tank regularly. Just like with a regular automobile, if your golf cart dies on the side of the road, you’ll need to be towed home. Prevent it from happening altogether by being prepared.
  • Verify that your golf cart is street-legal and up-to-date. You are responsible for checking and following your local laws.
  • Check the weather and pay attention to your surroundings. Don’t drive your golf cart through standing water or over obstacles in the roadway. Consider the weather forecast before you go for a drive. You might not feel comfortable driving in a severe storm or high winds, for example.

Other Tips for Street-Legal Golf Carts

If you’re looking forward to making your golf cart street-legal, don’t forget to look into titling and registering your golf cart and reviewing your state’s laws. We recommend doing this before you begin purchasing accessories so you are certain of what you need to do to complete the transformation from leisure vehicle to reliable transportation.

When you begin driving your golf cart around town, you might get lots of questions! Our advice is to tell those who ask you about your new wheels to treat someone driving a golf cart as if they’re driving a motorcycle: give them ample space while parking and driving, and check for them in your mirrors before you merge. And, of course, tell them how enjoyable it is to drive an E-Z-GO® golf cart!

Have Fun!

Having a street-legal golf cart can change your perspective on driving, save on transportation costs, and be a lot of fun. Contact your authorized dealer for more information and shop online for E-Z-GO® parts and accessories to get road-ready.

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