Parts and Accessories to Keep Your Golf Cart Humming

Parts and Accessories to Keep Your Golf Cart Humming

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With summer on its way, it might be time to think about replacing and updating parts and accessories on your E-Z-GO® golf cart so you stand out from the crowd.

From routine maintenance to splashy customization, there are more choices than ever to keep your E-Z-GO® golf cart humming this season.

Golf Cart Maintenance

When it comes to golf cart maintenance, an important preventative measure is to take yours to an authorized dealer to have it inspected periodically. It’s ideal to do this before the start of the seasons during which your golf cart will see the most use.

You can assemble your own maintenance and tune-up kit if you have a gas-powered golf cart. The kit should contain an oil filter, air filter, cleaner, spark plugs, fuel stabilizer, hose clamps, and oil. Your once-a-year maintenance kit will help keep your engine running smoothly while reducing the need to replace more expensive parts. If you aren’t comfortable doing this maintenance on your own, you can take your golf cart to an authorized dealer.

For battery-powered golf carts, make sure batteries are maintained and filled with water. That will help to hold charges and avoid costly golf cart battery replacements. New batteries are a necessity sometimes, though, and E-Z-GO® carries a selection to suit your cart, direct from the manufacturer.

Examine other parts for wear and tear, especially moving parts like the steering, suspension, and brakes. These parts are more likely to wear out due to use. Because these are also safety components of your golf cart, you should check your owner’s manual or consult with your local authorized E-Z-GO® golf cart dealer to stay on top of replacing parts when needed.

Golf Cart Accessories

In addition to parts for maintenance, the Shop E-Z-GO® website is a good place to find inspiration for golf cart accessories — and there’s a lot to choose from.

Consider upgrades like larger tires and wheels, to improve ride and handling. Or, if you’re wanting to enhance the look of your golf cart, take a look at seating, lighting, and audio options. Even simple updates can change the whole look of your ride, and our accessories fit your golf cart perfectly. You can’t say that about cheap aftermarket parts!

Take new seating, for example. Owners have options that include replacing seats entirely, or adding rear seating for more passenger capacity and flexibility. Different upholstery styles and colors also are available to make your golf cart a reflection of who you are. Consider a new golf cart steering wheel, perhaps one with bright color inlays! It’s one of the fastest ways to customize the look of your cart and give it a more luxurious, sporty aesthetic.

Today’s lighting options are designed for both safety and show. Whether it’s turn signals and brake and tail lights available in kits to make your cart street legal, or LED light bars with underside lighting that can turn the ordinary into a party, owners can quickly enhance their golf carts with some simple modifications. Add the right golf cart sound system, and you’ll become a neighborhood favorite. Bluetooth-enabled speakers and cool subwoofers stand out at the cul-de-sac get-together or neighborhood pool.

If you’re looking for comfort and protection while you drive your golf cart, you should consider replacement tops and golf cart enclosures. Soft tops are visually pleasing and update the traditional hard-top look, while enclosures protect you from the sun, rain, and debris while driving your golf cart.

Some of the most commonly replaced items are golf cart tires and golf cart wheels. When they wear out, it’s a great opportunity to replace them with flashy or unique parts that will stand out from your neighbors’ golf carts. With unique designs and colors, there’s a lot to choose from. To increase ground clearance, you could consider purchasing and installing a lift kit. These raise the chassis from two to four inches and instantly update the look of your golf cart.

Street Legal Golf Carts

You also can get accessories to turn your golf cart into an everyday driver on your local roads. Before modifying your golf cart to make it street-legal, be sure to check the laws in your area. Then, if you’re ready to have more fun driving around town, shop E-Z-GO® for everything you need, including:

Golf Cart Security and Cleaning

E-Z-GO® has cleaning and security options for our golf carts. Take care of your investment with products like:

  • Our Cleaning & Restoration Trio, a three-pack of cleaning products just for our golf carts. The kit includes the E-Z-GO All-Surface Cleaner; Fiberglass & Plastic Restorer; and Windshield & Plastic Protector.
  • Accessorize your cart while keeping it clean with floor mats in an array of colors and our soft-swipe spike cleaner, for quick shoe clean-ups during your golf game.
  • Use a storage cover if you don’t have a garage or carport to park under, or to keep your golf cart clean during the off-season.
  • Purchase and install a key switch, so you have a key unique to your golf cart.

Shop E-Z-GO® for Golf Cart Parts and Accessories

While the customization options are seemingly limitless, remember that safety is the top priority when you’re considering golf cart parts and accessories.

If you’re unsure which golf cart parts need to be replaced or the signs you should watch for while doing maintenance, visit your local authorized E-Z-GO® golf cart dealer. They’re experts on your golf cart and are trained to perform safety checks, which give you peace of mind. They can also formulate maintenance plans to help you take care of your golf cart.

To browse and buy parts and accessories, shop E-Z-GO® today.

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