It’s Not Just Golf: Versatile E-Z-GO® Golf Carts Drive Life and Work

It’s Not Just Golf: Versatile E-Z-GO® Golf Carts Drive Life and Work

Incorporate Your Golf Cart Into Your Everyday Life

E-Z-GO® golf carts are common on fairways and around greens. But it’s in the cul-de-sacs, retirement communities, wooded paths, college campuses, farms, summer camps, and factories where these vehicles really shine and show their day-to-day versatility.

In fact, the majority of our golf carts will never see a golf course! For non-golfing owners, a golf cart is as much about lifestyle, entertainment, work, and leisure, as it is about mobility.

Whether it’s for visiting friends and neighbors in beach communities, relaxing with family, accessing the great outdoors, or navigating a sprawling industrial area, E-Z-GO® golf carts get to go on a lot of unique and fun missions you may never have thought of before.

How can you use your golf cart? Let’s count the ways!

Ways to Use a Golf Cart

  1. Socializing with neighbors. Maybe you live in a sleepy beach community or a friendly subdivision in the suburbs. Either way, it’s nice to hop in your golf cart and go visiting when the weather’s nice. A golf cart decked out with E-Z-GO® accessories, like LED lighting and stereo systems, can bring life to your neighborhood or community.
  2. Retirees moving about their communities. Retirement and 55+ communities are known for their slower, relaxed pace. But walking blocks to visit friends or stop by the local coffee shop can be exhausting. Golf carts provide quick, but efficient transportation options not afforded by a cumbersome automobile, and even give you space to haul your shopping bags back home. They’re also small and agile enough to easily get to your community’s amenities.
  3. Campers accessing lakes, rivers, and trails. Rural explorers will love using a golf cart to haul camping equipment to the campsite, or to drive around the campgrounds at their favorite state park. The slower speeds and expansive views afforded by a golf cart are two great reasons they’re a safe and fun choice for outdoor adventurers.
  4. Apartment complexes and storage facilities showing available units. Take prospective tenants around your community in style with a golf cart, like the E-Z-GO® Express L6. They’ll appreciate not having to walk across the complex to visit their new home, and you’ll impress them with a high level of customer service.
  5. Manufacturing facilities and warehouses moving workers and goods. Speed up productivity with a golf cart to move workers and supplies from one area of your industrial park to another. Walking is always an option, but when you’re in a hurry, a golf cart comes to the rescue.
  6. Law enforcement agencies patrolling beaches, park areas, and special events. Golf carts allow police officers and other members of law enforcement to safely traverse busy or crowded areas that their patrol vehicles can’t get through. Golf carts also don’t leave behind the damage that heavy vehicles do.
  7. Nurseries moving plants and bushes. Heavy plant pots are a breeze to haul on the back of a golf cart. A golf cart makes for a meaningful utility at a nursery or tree farm. Homeowners also can use them to aid them with their gardening in larger yards or acreages.
  8. Security officers inspecting properties. Get around safely and move quickly with a golf cart. Plus, a golf cart with a company logo on the front looks very official!
  9. College campuses transporting people and equipment. Have you ever been on a college campus that didn’t use golf carts for maintenance and admissions? Probably not! That’s because golf carts are such a versatile and useful tool for taking care of higher education business on sprawling college campuses.
  10. Sports teams shuttling players and visitors onto (or off of) a field. Injured players or special guests will appreciate riding in a golf cart to get where they’re going.
  11. Hotels, resorts, and convention centers moving guests and bags. What service! Your guests will remember how you let them relax and unwind when you took care of the heavy lifting with a golf cart.
  12. Zoos conducting tours or working on landscaping. Zoos are known for being large outdoor parks, and using golf carts puts every exhibit within reach in just a few minutes. They also haul heavy tools for maintenance workers and keep their equipment within reach at all times.
  13. Municipalities servicing parks. Your groundskeepers will enjoy using a golf cart as part of their job taking care of local and state parks. Their tools will be kept handy, and they can get from one job to another quickly and quietly.
  14. Summer camps moving campers and supplies. In the event of an injury or a need to hurry from one place to the next, summer camp staff members can drive a golf cart to get where they’re going. Special E-Z-GO® tires and wheels can safely cover all types of terrain.
  15. Hunters and fishermen hauling their gear and their quarry. Cargo boxes on the back of a golf cart make it easy to carry buckets or coolers of fish, or your prize during deer hunting season. Golf carts with additional lighting make it easier to see in the dark when deer and other prey animals roam.
  16. Farmers caring for their livestock. The very same cargo boxes useful for hunters and fishermen are handy on the farm, too. Hauling hay bales, heavy equipment, bags of feed, and more is made simple on powerful electric or gas golf carts.

E-Z-GO® golf carts build community, neighborhoods, and businesses. They’re only limited by imagination and territory. What can’t you do with a golf cart?

Personalizing Golf Carts

One of the best benefits of a golf cart is that owners can customize their vehicles to suit their individual needs and preferences with a host of accessories direct from the manufacturer. For a more custom look, consider upgrading your cart today.

Fancy wheels, speakers, and lights turn heads around the neighborhood. An added back seat means you can haul the whole family with you wherever you go. Retirees can leave their automobiles behind because they can get around their community in a golf cart loaded with comfort and safety features! And campers can move far beyond the tent to explore the great outdoors with a picnic lunch packed in the back of their golf cart.

E-Z-GO® golf carts also can be outfitted to carry oversized items, like surfboards, canoes, trees, and boxes. Automobiles are limited by what you can fabricate or legally attach, but golf carts can be customized to suit your needs. In this way, golf carts become part of your lifestyle.

Imagine coming home from work on Friday, putting on shorts, loading up the kids after school and activities, and taking a spin around your neighborhood. You crank some tunes, visit neighbors, and have a gathering in the neighborhood.

If that casual, relaxed, leisurely lifestyle is for you, so is a customized E-Z-GO® golf cart.

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