Is Your Golf Cart Ready for Spring?

Is Your Golf Cart Ready for Spring?

Golf Cart Preparation Guidelines

Like your lawnmower, central air conditioner, and automobile, your golf cart needs some annual maintenance to keep it in top condition. Just like with any mechanical equipment, performing regular maintenance can prevent the necessity for major repairs, which ultimately saves you money. There’s no reason to skip these important tasks.

If you live in the north, chances are your golf cart has sat idle all winter as you wait for warmer weather. If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere with sun all year, then you’ve been running your golf cart more regularly. Either way, it will require maintenance soon.

As you prepare for your annual maintenance routine, consider these helpful tips.

Electric Golf Cart Maintenance

Electric golf carts, like our E-Z-GO® 72-Volt Freedom, require different maintenance than gas golf carts because of their specialty battery. Follow these tips to maintain your electric golf cart:

  • Charge your golf cart regularly. Batteries perform best when they are fully charged. They can go bad while sitting in long-term storage, so be sure to plug it in at least once a month in the off-season.
  • Check the battery’s water levels, and refill with distilled water when necessary. Refer to your owner’s manual for more information. Overfilling your battery cells can negatively affect them. Too much water can cause an overflow during charging, but underfilling can cause sulfation, which causes permanent damage to the lead plates inside the battery.
  • Clean and check your golf cart’s battery terminals, and use a terminal protector spray to protect the battery from corrosion. These tasks can extend the life of your 6-volt golf cart batteries or 8-volt golf cart batteries.
  • Consider purchasing battery maintenance tools and products for the maintenance and prolonged life of batteries in your E-Z-GO® golf cart.

Gas Golf Cart Maintenance

Like your automobile, gas golf carts need regular maintenance. Here are some tasks to complete to keep yours running smoothly this year:

  • Always use quality fuel that’s been stabilized. Refill the tank every winter before storing your cart.
  • Start your gas golf cart occasionally and let it idle during the off-season to keep parts moving and working smoothly.
  • Change the oil. Use a quality, name-brand oil to protect your investment. Inspect the engine for any sign of oil leaks.
  • Check and replace all fuel, oil, and air filters. You can purchase quality replacement parts for golf carts from E-Z-GO®.

General Golf Cart Maintenance Tips

Gas and battery-operated golf carts are very different in how they function. However, there are some maintenance tasks you should do on both types of golf carts. These include:

  • Checking the tire pressure frequently to maintain the recommended PSI. Partially deflated tires make your golf cart run less efficiently. The recommended pressure is printed on the sidewall of your tires.
  • Checking your tires for tread wear and cracks in the sidewalls. Worn tread and the presence of cracks indicate your tires are nearing the end of their lives and need to be replaced.
  • Inspecting brake shoes, cables, and hydraulic brake fluid a couple of times per year to ensure your braking system is healthy and operable.
  • Inspecting all lights, including turn signals, for operation before taking your golf cart out for the first time this year.

When Should I Perform Golf Cart Maintenance?

Don’t wait until it’s time to drive to get started on your golf cart maintenance. Take care of it beforehand, so your golf cart is ready to drive when you are.

If you aren’t comfortable completing maintenance tasks on your own, consider taking your golf cart to an E-Z-GO® dealer during their slow season. In the north, slow times for golf cart dealers are winter. In the south, the slowest time is actually in the summer!

They can usually get you in and out faster during slower times. Some authorized dealers have special maintenance packages, which can save you money on maintaining your golf cart. Just don’t wait until the last minute to schedule an appointment.

Find your nearest E-Z-GO® dealer and make an appointment for maintenance today. Reputable dealers know what they’re doing; they have the training and know-how to take care of your golf cart. Don’t attempt your own repairs or maintenance if you aren’t confident in your skills and knowledge.

Staying on top of golf cart maintenance can easily be done by following your cart’s owner’s guide and service manual. Follow the periodic maintenance table in your owner’s guide, and track your run time in miles and hours.

For electric golf carts, battery manufacturers also offer storage tips online. Check your battery manufacturer’s website for more information.

Don’t Ignore Golf Cart Maintenance!

At E-Z-GO®, we shudder at the thought of skipping golf cart maintenance. If you don’t perform maintenance on your golf cart on a regular basis, it might not run properly when you want it to. Plus, repairs are more costly than regular maintenance. Batteries could be damaged, fuel systems contaminated, and engines broken down. Your E-Z-GO® golf cart is an investment and a lifestyle. Don’t ignore its need for attention.

Get everything you need to maintain your golf cart from E-Z-GO®.

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