How to Stay Safe on Your E-Z-GO® Golf Cart

How to Stay Safe on Your E-Z-GO® Golf Cart

We don’t take safety for granted when it comes to operating a car. So, why do so many golf cart owners take their security for granted when driving what is essentially a smaller, slower-moving car? As a golf cart owner, it is your responsibility to ensure you and your other passengers stay out of harm’s way

Some safety scenarios are up to the drivers and passengers themselves, like ensuring they are going a reasonable speed depending upon the terrain. Other safety issues, however, have to do with the correct parts.

Here are some suggested safety upgrades, as well as some general safety tips, to keep drivers and passengers safe while enjoying their E-Z-GO® golf cart.

General Safety

Not all golf carts are used for the same reasons, which can make keeping a standard rule manual for all golf carts nearly impossible. Here are some safety tips when enjoying your golf cart.

  • In a golf cart, you are not as protected as a typical car or truck. Keep an eye on your surroundings and anticipate bumps, debris, pedestrians, and other situations that could cause trouble.
  • If you allow the public to use your golf carts, such as at country clubs or golf courses, make sure they understand the company’s safety rules and regulations before lending them the vehicle. You might even consider having them sign a waiver.
  • If you use a golf cart at a place of business, like a large dealership, manufacturing plant, campground, or schoolyard, restrict access of the golf cart to those who have been trained to follow your safety rules. This will prevent accidents and ensure the longevity of your golf cart.
  • Uphold safety regulations and enforce disciplinary action for those who do not uphold safety standards. This might include mandatory retraining or revoking the access of golf carts for severe violations of safety.
  • Follow best traffic practices. Try to stay to the right of roads or trails. Avoid speeding around blind corners, and stop at places where you typically stop in a car.
  • Avoid leaving the keys in the golf cart when it is not in use.
  • Ensure pedestrians always have the right of way and drive at a reasonable speed in high-traffic pedestrian areas.

Wheels and Tires

Your wheels and tires are your first line of defense when it involves increasing safety. Tires with worn-down treads can cause vehicle slippage in even the mildest change of elements. Regularly check your tires’ tread to ensure your vehicle gets proper grip and handling.

Additionally, you’ll want to customize your golf cart tires depending upon the terrain you usually traverse. Common E-Z-GO® tire types include:


if your carts drive primarily on flat pavement, then a street tire is the right choice. The 12” Paramount tire offers a universal fit that is effective for most street applications.


Driving across grass is tricky -- you want to avoid leaving tracks and divots behind, but you still want to drive safely. That’s where a Turf Saver comes in handy. It provides the right balance of tread design and speed for versatile driving.


With the right off-road tires, you can conquer a variety of terrains with ease. For heavy-duty needs, consider the Trail Wolf, which boasts a broad base and an aggressive tread pattern. Wide treads better handle mud, gravel, and rocks.

Suspension / Steering

No matter how good of a driver you are, there are bound to be some obstacles in your path. Most golf carts are not meant to off-road, which means gravel, loose rocks, or tree roots can be dangerous. Practice common sense when it comes to operating a golf cart in wooded or wild areas. Drive more slowly, keep your attention on the road ahead of you, and don’t listen to music while driving.

Additionally, if your golf cart always operates on a highly varied terrain, upgrade its suspension and steering for secure and safe handling. E-Z-GO® suspension and steering upgrades ensure passengers don’t get jolted when terrain changes quickly. Make sure your suspension parts, such as leaf springs, axles, tie rods, ball joints, and shafts are checked regularly, as they are likely to wear down more quickly than they would on flat terrain.


Your golf cart is a small vehicle, and you should operate it the same way you would a car. You wouldn’t drive your car without proper headlights, so don’t operate your golf cart without proper lighting. Not only is it difficult to see your golf cart at night, you likely will not be able to see all the obstacles in your way without light.

If you intend to drive your golf cart at night, install a light bar that mounts on the exterior of your vehicle. The installation is fast and easy. With better illumination, you will be able to enjoy nighttime driving, entertainment, and exploration without worry.


Worn down brakes can create hazardous situations for everyone involved -- even in a small, relatively slow-moving vehicle like a golf cart. Disc brakes and drum brakes wear down on all vehicles, and hydraulic brakes can lose pressure or fluid. All of these present a potentially scary situation.

Inspect your brakes regularly, regardless of whether your golf cart is old or new. Finally, only use genuine OEM (original equipment manufacturer) E-Z-GO® golf cart parts from a supplier you trust, like Textron Specialized Vehicles.


Seating might be one of the last elements you think about when it comes to golf cart safety, but it’s one of the best (and most comfortable) ways to optimize rider safety. E-Z-GO® golf cart seats vary in terms of size, material, and color. Many owners choose to upgrade their seating to increase the fun and comfort of driving their golf cart, and this can present the opportunity for a safety upgrade as well.

Properly designed seat kits will prevent sliding when taking sharp turns, which keeps your passengers secure in the cart. Over time, wear and tear can impact a cart seat, and upgrading prevents issues like seat detachment. Additionally, rear seating helps hold additional passengers and cargo safely. In this case, use metal seating frames that are made with steel to hold the proper amount of weight.

Driving a new golf cart is enjoyable. However, it must be done safely. E-Z-GO® golf carts are designed with quality and safety in mind but must be consistently maintained with the right parts. To drive your golf cart just about anywhere with confidence, review the suggestions above, and be sure to upgrade your vehicle for peace of mind.

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