Guide to Prep Your Golf Cart for the Fall and Winter

Golf cart maintenance is essential to keep your vehicle running effectively. This includes regular maintenance and preparation for daily, yearly, and seasonal use.

Winter and fall preparation, however, take a little more work. There are more risks for mechanical and electrical issues, fuel costs often increase, and other issues can arise as the weather takes a dramatic turn toward the cold.

Make sure you can get the most out of your E-Z-GO® golf cart this fall and winter by preparing in advance. Here are some tips from Textron Specialized Vehicles.


Prep Your Wheels and Tires


Just as the heat of the summer can lead to high tire pressure, the chill of fall and winter can cause the opposite problem -- low tire pressure.

Underinflated tires can lead to various issues such as loss of grip, handling, and speed. Ultimately, this can lead to worse fuel consumption, precarious situations, and accidents. Additionally, snow, ice, and rain expose your risk of sliding and losing control of the vehicle. Therefore, it is crucial to pay extra attention to the tires. Buy a tire pressure gauge and consult the manual for the proper tire pressure for your make and model of cart.

Finally, the issues of slick roads and improperly inflated tires are made worse by worn-down treads. While you check your tire pressure, be sure to also check your tire tread. Replace your tires as necessary based on the following categories:

Street / Turf:

These have universal treads that allow you to switch back and forth between grass and paved surfaces easily. They are great for places like golf courses and country clubs. Achieve a sleek new look without the need for a lift kit with street and turf tires.


If you’re taking your golf cart off-road for some new adventure this fall and winter, don’t leave home without the right tires. Off-road tires have deep treads that allow you to tackle any rough terrain. Keep in mind that some require lift kits, so be sure to consult your golf cart’s manual before purchasing off-road tires. For additional help, feel free to reach out to our experts at Textron Specialized Vehicles.




Cold temperatures can cause a lot of trouble for batteries. Old or weak batteries can cause startup issues. If you become stuck somewhere remote, this can bridge the line from inconvenience to danger. To prevent that from happening, be sure to keep your battery prepared for all situations with these accessories and parts available through Textron Specialized Vehicles:

Maintenance Kit:

Our universal battery kit will work for your E-Z-GO® golf cart maintenance and any other models that you own. It comes with everything you need to keep it in pristine condition. In the event of an emergency, all golf carts -- including new ones -- should have a maintenance kit on board.


Below-freezing temperatures can take your cart’s battery by surprise. During the fall and winter months, make sure you have a well-working charger and consider a portable charger for off roading vehicles.

Water System:

Sometimes, a charge won’t cut it. You need to refill the cells with a watering kit. It comes with a gun to easily reach up to eighteen cells of your battery.




Windshields on your golf carts aren’t always necessary, but with colder winds and precipitation likely in the fall and winter, you don’t want to take any chances. These windshields get the job done when you need them to.

Full Windshield:

This classic design has many benefits. It gives you complete protection to keep you and your passengers out of the biting winds.

Fold-down Windshield:

If the forecast is looking unpredictable, then a fold-down windshield is a great choice. It allows you to have half or full-frontal protection, depending on the weather.

 Clip-On Windshield:

During spring and summer, not having a windshield increases visibility. This is where a clip-on windshield becomes incredibly convenient if you live in milder climates. Its compact design makes it easy to store when you’re not using it, and easy to install when the weather takes a turn.




It would be best if you always did brake checks, regardless of the season. However, fall and winter pose even more braking hazards -- like ice and rain. Proper braking protocol is essential to remain completely safe during the winter. Here’s how to prep your brakes based on the type your golf cart has.

Drum brakes:

Drum brakes utilize two brake shoes to apply pressure against the drum components. If these brake shoes wear down, it’s only a matter of time before you lose the capacity to brake. Inspect your brake shoes, or have someone else inspect them, long before the first frost. If they need to be replaced, order the right type for your golf cart through Textron Specialized Vehicles.

Disc Brakes:

In disc brakes, the caliper squeezes a brake rotor (disc) and applies pressure evenly to slow the wheel down. If either the caliper or the rotor is worn down, it can make braking time longer and more dangerous. Textron Specialized Vehicles carries disc brake replacement kits, as well as individual component replacements.


Fuel and Air Systems


Airflow is essential to a properly functioning engine. Without clean fuel, your golf cart won’t have the energy it needs to provide power and control on slippery terrain. Replacing your fuel filter is a good idea if your golf cart is older. While you’re at it, a quick change of the air filter will also improve performance because oxygen in the air is necessary for engine combustion (which gets and keeps your cart going), replacing an old, clogged air filter will improve the air intake and, in turn, improve acceleration. This not only keeps your engine running longer, but it is also particularly helpful for getting out of a slide or spin.

 Keeping your new or pre-used golf cart in pristine condition is easier said than done. When fall and winter bring challenging weather, don’t get left out in the cold. Make sure your golf cart is working correctly by keeping up on maintenance with genuine OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts from Textron Specialized Vehicles.

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