Florida-Inspired Looks to Jazz Up Your Golf Cart

Florida-Inspired Looks to Jazz Up Your Golf Cart

Change Your Look with Brightly Colored Golf Cart Parts from E-Z-GO®

Sunny Florida is known for its bright colors, luxurious retirement living for snowbirds, oceanside escapes, and comfortably warm weather all year ’round. If you live at least one part of the year in Florida, or if you just love the Florida state of mind and aesthetic, shouldn’t your golf cart match that ambience?

Luckily, E-Z-GO® golf cart parts and accessories are designed to modify the look and functionality of your golf cart without sacrificing on quality or style.

Why Choose Golf Cart Parts from the Manufacturer?

Choosing just any aftermarket golf cart part can be a recipe for disaster. Low quality or poor-fitting parts are frustrating, disappointing, and cheapen the look of your golf cart. And sometimes, those low-quality pieces don’t last, even if they come at a great cost. Instead, you find yourself forking over cash to replace them again and again — or you simply end up without a customization that you really wanted!

There are usually two options for adding accessories to your golf cart. The first is aftermarket parts. When you look to buy aftermarket golf cart parts from random distributors, you will need to verify that the part you’re choosing will fit onto your vehicle. This requires research on confusing websites and sometimes reading numerous independent reviews of the product written by people who took a chance and bought the part. It’s a time-consuming process, but there’s an easier way.

An Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) part is what your golf cart maker prefers you to use when you upgrade or modify your golf cart. OEM pieces are the very same ones the manufacturer uses to assemble their finished products, and are the same quality that you’d want for your golf cart.

If you have an E-Z-GO® golf cart, you can count on your cart’s manufacturer to create no-hassle parts for a custom look and usefulness for your ride. And why not customize your golf cart to reflect one of the most vibrant, fun-loving areas of the United States, and your favorite vacation spot?

Florida-Inspired Golf Cart Wheels & Seats

Hit the beach on either the Atlantic Ocean or Gulf Coast with quality golf cart wheels and tires! Off-road wheels and tires let you cruise the neighborhood, and then seamlessly transition to sandy, rocky, or other uneven terrain, such as the beach or turf.

Your golf cart helps you get where you want to go; expand the possibilities with our Turf Saver 20x10-10 Tire, which provides excellent traction on grass and turf. Another great choice is our 10” Venturi Wheels on 205/65 Loadstar Tires. These come as a set — four wheels and tires for one price — or you can buy them individually.

If it’s the bright hues of the coast you’re looking for, accent your golf cart in gorgeous metallics to mimic the sun sparkling on the waves, or the glitz of Miami! Our 8” Metallic Gold Hubcap Assembly fits any vehicle with an 8” wheel. A stylish seven-spoke design is finished off with a brushed metallic gold to enhance your golf cart. They’re like jewels for your tires!

If you’d prefer to avoid a lift kit and don’t plan to drive down the beach in your golf cart, our 14” Spartan Wheel and Paramount Tire Package in black and machined chrome colors have short walls to give your golf cart an edgy, tough appearance — like a sports car!

Want to create a color scheme for your golf cart interior? Most traditional seat colors in golf carts are hues like tan, oyster, and black, but there are so many more options! Choose bright and bold-colored seat covers to create a Key West vibe that your Floridian neighbors will admire.

Bring The Party Wherever You Go with Golf Cart Audio Systems and More

Florida living is incomplete without socializing with your neighbors and friends all year ‘round. When you choose your golf cart as a mode of transportation, you’ll arrive at a get-together in style and fully prepared to be the life of the party. How? With golf cart parts like interior additions, lighting, stereos, and more.

Play horseshoes or shuffleboard with ease when you can set your drink down on a beverage tray. With multiple options to choose from and a number of spots for cups, you can make your golf cart more useful as you drive around your community and visit with neighbors and friends.

Dance to the music and play it loud on the Kicker Bluetooth Amplifier and 6” LED Speakers with Remote. This party-starter includes integrated LED lights that change from reds to blues to greens and connects with any Bluetooth device to play your favorite tunes. The remote control lets you play DJ from afar. You can trust Kicker for quality audio components, and our golf cart stereo system is no exception.

Protect Your Investment

Is there an off-season in Florida? Not really! But there will be times when your golf cart is stored away safely. When your golf cart isn’t in use, protect it from the weather and debris with storage covers from E-Z-GO®.

Our two-seater and four-seater covers come in neutral colors and will fit a variety of golf cart models; check the vehicle fitment before you purchase. The cover protects more than just your golf cart itself; it also protects all the amazing golf cart parts you’ve added to it over the years. Covers can help deter thieves and keep your cart clean while it’s parked outdoors.

Order Golf Cart Parts Online

Ready to deck out your golf cart in the spirit of your favorite vacation spot or home state? Look no further than E-Z-GO® golf cart parts when you’re making your selections to customize your ride.

You can trust our parts for their perfect fit and high quality. Shop online to find the golf cart parts you need to make yours one-of-a-kind.

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